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The Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee

The focus of MDJCCC's concern is two-fold: dignity and impartiality.  

  • The dignity of the judiciary is critical to respect for the rule of law.  Judges derive their legitimacy and authority from the public's confidence.  When public confidence in the judiciary is eroded, the legitimacy of the bench (and of the rule of law) suffers.
  • MDJCCC is particularly mindful that the 14th amendment guarantees every litigant the right to appear before an impartial tribunal. The Supreme Court has said that even the appearance of bias can compromise that right.

Public education is key part of MDJCCC's mission.

  • It is our hope that our work will help to educate the public about the specific role that judges play in our society.  We seek to collaborate with any community or civic organization interested in promoting voter education with respect to judicial elections and the judicial function.
  • Our Standards are a voluntary code of conduct. We urge all candidates for judicial office -- whether incumbent or challenger -- to agree to conduct their campaigns in accordance with the Standards we set forth. We will publicize the names of those who accept the Standards.

Campaign Conduct Handbook 2014 (pdf)

Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee, Inc. 
P.O. Box 10427 Baltimore, Maryland 21209