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Candidates 2010

All candidates in contested judicial elections (for the Circuit Court Judgeships) will be asked to sign the Candidate Agreement form, which indicates that they have read the Standards and accompanying Commentary and that they agree to adbide by these Standards during the course of their campaign. They also agree to have their campaign staff do the same.

MDJCCC will publish the names of the candidates who have voluntarily agreed to abide by these Standards.

As of June 9, 2010 
Candidates who have filed for election to judicial office
Candidates who have signed the Candidate Acknowledgement Form, agreeing to abide by the MDJCCC Standards
First Judicial Circuit (Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester)
No Candidates  
Second Judicial Circuit (Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot)
Barnes, Harry D. Barnes, Harry D.
Bowman, Paul M.  
Buck, John H.  
Whelan, Michael V. Whelan, Michael V.
Third Judicial Circuit (Baltimore and Harford)
Alexander, Jan M. Alexander, Jan M.
Bailey, Sherrie Bailey, Sherrie
Beckman, T. Scott  
Brobst, Ann Brobst, Ann
Nagle, John J. III Nagle, John J. III
Fourth Judicial Circuit (Allegany, Garrett, and Washington)
Dwyer, Daniel P. Dwyer, Daniel P.
McDowell, John H. McDowell, John H.
Fifth Judicial Circuit (Anne Arundel, Carroll, and Howard)
Asti, Alison Asti, Alison
Kiessling, Laura S. Kiessling, Laura S.
Jarashow, Ronald H. Jarashow, Ronald H.
Sixth Judicial Circuit (Frederick and Montgomery)
Burrell, Sharon V. Burrell, Sharon V.
Callahan, Cynthia Callahan, Cynthia
Jordan, Richard E. Jordan, Richard E.
McCally, Cheryl A. McCally, Cheryl A.
Quirk, Joseph M.
Quirk, Joseph M.
Salant, Steven G.  
Woodard, Beverly J. Woodard, Beverly J.
Seventh Judicial Circuit (Calvert, Charles, Prince George's, and St. Mary's)
Green, Leo E.
Green, Leo E.
Harrington, Helen Ina Harrington, Helen Ina
Krug, Warren J.
Krug, Warren J.
Nichols, C. Philip Jr.
Nichols, C. Philip Jr.
Pearson, Michael R. Pearson, Michael R.
Eighth Judicial Circuit (Baltimore City)
Brown, Videtta Arthyne Brown, Videtta Arthyne
Fletcher-Hill, Lawrence Fletcher-Hill, Lawrence
Sfekas, Stephen James Sfekas, Stephen James
Shar, Marcus Z. Shar, Marcus Z.
Welch, Martin P. Welch, Martin P.