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Statement of Purpose

Our Program



Our Program

MDJCCC has developed Standards for the Conduct of Contested Judicial Elections.  One standard (Standard I) enjoins all candidates to be familiar with the Judicial Canons and the Rules of Professional Conduct.  Another (Standard VII) addresses campaign funding. The remaining Standards deal with various aspects of campaign communications that present the most pressing issues.  MDJCCC will ask all candidates to subscribe to the Standards and to agree in writing to abide by them in their campaigns.  MDJCCC will publicly identify candidates who have agreed to abide by the Standards.

MDJCCC will not issue advisory opinions.  The Committee will, however, review complaints that are brought to its attention.  Where appropriate, the Committee will make further inquiry in order to determine whether the challenged conduct comports with the letter and the spirit of the Standards.  It will make its findings public.  In addition, where circumstances warrant, MDJCCC may also refer specific allegations to the Judicial Ethics Committee or Attorney Grievance Commission. Click on "Complaints" at left to find out more about this process.

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Maryland Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee, Inc. 
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